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[삼성엔지니어링] 미국법인 Financial Analyst 모집공고 (휴스턴 근무)

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   ㆍ최고의 엔지니어링을 통한 가치창출을 지향하는 삼성엔지니어링에서 각 분야의 뛰어난 역량과
      경험을 갖춘 인재를 모집합니다.


   ㆍ채용인원 : Financial Analyst (1명)

   ㆍ근무지역 : 삼성엔지니어링 휴스턴 법인

      * 주소 : 2050 W Sam Houston Pkwy S. Ste1900, Houston TX 77042

      * 반드시 미국에서 합법적으로 근로가능해야 합니다(비자 스폰서 불가) 


지원 및 문의방법

   ㆍResume를 삼성엔지니어링 채용담당자 : minseon.kang@samsung.com으로 송부 


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include supporting budget planning with fixed cost analysis, project operation in SAP system processing, sublease management, etc. Other duties can be assigned and essential duties can be modified to meet the business purposes.


This job requires a more broad understanding of both accounting and business operations. This role will handle tasks such as budgeting, reporting, and assisting in the overall growth of the organization.


Business Operations

  • Support and assist in the annual budgeting and quarterly forecast processes 
  • Support / Conduct  monthly budget vs. actual analysis, variance explanations
  • Provide support in the analysis of historical financials
  • Support the eval‎uation and implementation of new systems within the company
  • Provide insights to all areas of the business using analytics and benchmarking
  • Analysis of historical financials
  • Review monthly G&A budget and communication with HQ
  • Support / Execute annual inter-company transaction for marketing, IPO service, and other work sharing (WS) project with HQ
  • Maintain inter-company billing settlement by quarterly basis reconciliation
  • Maintain corporate wide approval structure and communicate within the company
  • Report work process to upper management
  • Produce ad-hoc analysis and reporting as necessary

Project Support

  • Project implementation within SAP
  • Support / Maintain the project status within SAP involving invoicing, billing, and project close out
  • Support / Lead analysis of monthly project progress including revenue, estimated cost, and actual cost
  • Review and suggest project MH (Man Hours) and MM (Man Month)
  • Assist project team for SAP system processing
  • Problem solving and assist F&A and operating group

Sublease Management

·         Execute communication with brokers and prospect tenants

·         Maintain sublease contract and tenant status

·         Maintain sublease floor plan changes and updates

·         Communicate with sublease tenants for billing, annual expenses, and rental rates

·         Review and issue annual rental coupons and support accounting part

·         Communicate with building management security system

·         Support tenant construction plans and processes

·         Maintain construction related investment module in accounting system

·         Analyze sublease status and financial data



·         Strong understanding of accounting fundamentals and reading financial statements.

·         Understanding the economic trends, political situation, and government policy & regulation change

·         1 - 5 years of financial analyst experience.

·         Analytical skills to process large amounts of information to assist upper management

·         Must have high level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations.

·         Good / Very good level of written and oral communication skills. Must be able to interact and communicate with individuals at all levels of the organization.

·         Analytical ability to gather and summarize data for reports; ability to find solutions to various administrative problems, and prioritize work.

·         Have good knowledge in a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software (MSWord, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

·         Self-motivated and detail-oriented

·         BS in Business or Accounting degree preferred. 

·         Effective time management skills.





Financial Analyst II (S4-II)

Financial Analyst Manager I (S5-I)



9/80 work schedule Monday through Friday. Off every other Friday, work 8 hours on the other Friday. Flexible work hours beginning between 7:00 am and 8:30 am and ending between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm every Monday through Thursday (9 hour work days). One hour lunch break.