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11월 부터 아기봐줄 사람, 청소 도울 사람 구합니다- Lombard, IL

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[구인] 11월 부터 아기봐줄 사람 구합니다- Lombard, IL

안녕하세요, 2020 년 11월 부터 2021 년 6월 까지 저희 어머니를 도와서 1달 된 신생아를 봐줄 사람을구합니다. 한달에 12 번, 세벽 아침 5시 부터 오후 12시 까지 입니다. 필요한 날은 매주 다르며, 1-2달 전에 정확히 알려드립니다. 간단한 집안일/청소도 함께 도우실 수 있는 분을 찾습니다. 참고로 작은 애완견 두마리를 (치와와, 코르기) 키우지만 강아지 돌보는 일, 강아지에 관련된 일은 전혀 안하셔도 됩니다. 혹시 강아지를 불편해 하시는 분이시라면 일하시는 동안에 안방에 가둬놓을 수 있습니다. 희망시급은 경험치에 따라 조절이 가능하지만 아기보는 일 과 집안일 합쳐서 $22입니다. 관심 있으신분 연락 주세요. jsl267@cornell.edu  315-256-8972 

We need a newborn nanny/housekeeper from mid November 2020 to end of June 2021. Schedule varies week-to-week and will be determined 1-2 months in advance. Expected work hours are 7-hour shifts starting as early as 5 a.m. and as late as 7AM, for 12 days a month. Caregiver will be paid via check or direct deposit and provided W2 form at end of fiscal year, with option to have taxes withheld. Caregiver may access paystub and W2 form electronically online. We do have two small dogs (one chihuahua and one corgi), though there will be no pet-related responsibilities, and if desired they can be crated in the master bedroom. Must be willing to do light house chores. Pay rate depends on caregiver's experience and certifications, but will be around $22 for both infant care and light house cleaning duties. Please contact me for details/questions.

Hours: 5:00AM to 12:00PM (7 hours)
Days/month: 12 Days/Month starting November 2020 (schedule varies by month and is determined 1-2 months in advance) until June 2021
Compensation: $22/hr

Newborn Nanny duties (including but not limited to following):
- Bottle feeding infant (which may including thawing/warming/bottling frozen breast milk)
- Diaper changes as needed, and at beginning/end of each shift
- Bathing/Dressing baby
- Administering medicine if necessary (with parents consent)
- Taking out diaper bin by the end of shift

- Cleaning/sanitizing bottles

Housekeeping duties (including but not limited to following):
- Vacuuming/Mopping/Dusting/Straightening-out the nursery and main living areas (including living room, kitchen, hallways, entryway, main bathroom)
- Loading dirty dishes into dishwasher (rare, only as needed) 


Miscellaneous expectations (including but not limited to following):
- Must have prior experience taking care of newborns, references preferred
- Must be punctual, especially arriving to work within promised time frame
- Must have reliable transportation to/from apartment
- Dog lovers preferred but not required (we have 1 corgi and 1 chihuahua)

Job responsibilities do NOT include the following:
- Cleaning the master bedroom
- Pet-related duties including walking, bathing, feeding the dogs, cleaning dog crates
- Worker's compensation and electronic access to paystubs and W2 forms included. Your payment will be subject to income tax per IRS.

- Occasionally, we may ask if you could work a few extra hours or shifts. For any extra hours which you agree to work, we will pay in cash.